Largest Corn Farm in Nigeria

Sitting on a 33,000 acres of land in the heart of Iseyin Community, Atisbo Local Government Area, Oyo State.

Who we are

H O CORN is an agro-enterprise with corn production as its primary focus. We produce and process fresh and dry corn for delivery across Nigeria. Our dry corn is of premium quality and moisture content is according to client’s specification.Read More

Our Unique Model

Highly Mechanized

Mechanization is a vital input for large-scale crop production. Our pre-planting and post-planting activities are carried out with the aid of machineries to ensure efficiency and high productivity.

Full Irrigation

We have a state-of-the-art irrigation system that ensures availability and supply of water across the farm at needed intervals.

Premium Seeds

We plant one of the best varieties of corn seed. Our fresh corn is full, weighty, soft and tasty.

Professional Managers

Our farm is managed by a team of seasoned agronomists. This accounts for our impressive agricultural output.

Agro-enterprise with corn production as its primary focus.

3rd Floor, Africa Re-Insurance Building, Plot 1679, Karimu Kotun Street, Victoria Island, Lagos.

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However, before we can serve you well, we’ve thought of values to follow and guide us. That’s why in today’s article, we’d love to share with you what guides us: our mission, vision, and core values.


  • To give our visitors a place to learn everything about corn. 
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An excellent blog helping thousands of readers to grow their corn and use it for a variety of purposes.  

Core values

Despite all of our ideas and goals, we’ll never get to accomplish them without core values to set us on a straight line. To ensure that our team can remember these goals, we do daily reminders with one another about them. We’re incredibly proud of these values, in fact, that we are proud to share them with you today.


Above anything, the most important core value of all is excellence. This is because no matter how talented we all are, without valuing excellence, we won’t be able to push ourselves further to our absolute best. So to ensure that we can give you quality content, we remain committed to pursuing excellence. 


No matter how great our content is, if our readers are not able to understand them, it wouldn’t matter. That’s why to ensure everyone gets the chance to learn and grow their corn farm, we translate our articles. The process takes two days to finish, so if you want to read an article in a language you’re used to, frequently visit our site.


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There are a lot of new topics about corn every day. To ensure you get the most relevant topics on the subject, our marketing team always has their eyes peeled. 


For a fully functional organization, we place great value in having respect for everyone. This is because, through the expression of respect and love, each team member will always be at their best. Meanwhile, we show respect for our followers by making content that’s written with respect for every person’s beliefs and lifestyles.